Encouraging Parent Advocacy Can Positively Impact Your Classroom

Encourage parents to be more involved in your preschool classroom.

Preschool students benefit greatly when you promote parent involvement in your classroom. Early childhood educators who work together with parents can help their classes reach new heights.

As an early childhood educator, you understand the value of parent involvement in preschool when it comes to creating a positive classroom environment. The benefits cover everything from improved progress in vocabulary and language comprehension to better social skills and self-esteem. However, these positives can only be achieved by encouraging cooperation and trust with your student’s parents. Here are some of the ways you can encourage parent involvement in preschool, as well as some of the benefits that can result from it.

Establish Open Communication

Once you get to know the parents of your students, it’s possible that they still might not be as involved as you would like. In order to create a productive relationship with them, you can reach out to them in person or through email or a phone call. Chatting with them regularly can help them feel like they can voice their concerns, creating an environment of mutual trust. Some people are not very outgoing, and casual conversation may help them speak up more with their questions or concerns.

Keep Parents Connected to the Classroom

Encouraging parents to ask about their child’s progress, if done regularly, can help them eventually begin to do so on their own. It is also important that parents know they are valuable when it comes to their child’s education. Education begins at home, as the student’s family can help them prepare for class in ways that can help them succeed. You can help connect home and the classroom by keeping parents involved in the decisions that impact their child’s experiences at school. Providing parents with regular updates on their child is also very important. Parents are unable to take a more active role if they don’t know what is going on in the classroom. You can invite them to provide input on their child’s strengths and weaknesses, which can show that you value their opinion. People tend to speak up more when they know they are being listened to, and it’s up to you to make sure parents feel heard.

Make Your Classroom a Welcoming Environment 

Sometimes what is needed is a place where people can feel comfortable interacting with teachers and other parents. A great way to accomplish this is by hosting an open house at different points throughout the school year where you can get to know the parents of students. Parents getting to know one another is an added bonus, as relationships between them could help inspire additional parent involvement in preschool. You can also use the opportunity to discuss goals for children’s education. These can apply to either the classroom or at home. By talking about this with parents you can help remind them that you are working together as a part of a team and that they are an important part of the process.

Benefits of Parent Advocacy

Students with involved parents will typically see immediate gains in their early literacy skills. These improvements have also been observed in their social and emotional skills as well. Children with parents who actively work with their child’s teachers have shown improved progress in areas including, but not limited to, vocabulary, numbers, and language. The benefits of parent involvement in preschool is impossible to ignore. They are significant enough to make getting parents involved in preschool well worth the effort.

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