What is Naptime Academy®

  • • 30-60 minute online courses
  • • Practical strategies for the classroom and home
  • • Research-based brief, and relevant to you
  • • Interactive multi-media format

30 min. to 1 Hour Online Courses

Naptime Academy® brief format allows access to information on an as-needed basis.  The tightly focused scripts are delivered in an interactive, multi-media format.  The focus on what interests you in a brief timeframe enhances adult learning.

Specific Concerns

Many child care providers enter the workforce with little preparation in vital areas such as child health and safety, partnering with families, nutrition, and parenting.  Each course aligns with the 9 core competencies. You can search for topics by key content areas and age of children.  These content areas include:

  • • Child Growth and Development
  • • Responsive Interactions and Guidance
  • • Learning Environments, Planning Framework, Curriculum, and Standards
  • • Supporting Skill Development
  • • Observation and Assessment
  • • Diversity and Dual Language Learners
  • • Family and Community Relationships
  • • Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • • Professionalism and Ethics

Research into Practical Applications

Our team of early childhood professionals gather the best information available on topics of interest to caregivers of young children. Naptime Academy® makes this research-based information available and accessible to the childcare community in a user-friendly format.

Strategies and Resources

Naptime Academy® online courses meet the immediate learning needs of caregivers to enhance their skills in caring for young children and working with parents.  For example, if a child suddenly starts to bite, take 30 minutes to learn to respond to the biter, the child who was bitten, and the parents. As part of your learning, you will watch videos that model difficult conversations with parents and how to solve challenges in the classroom.  And, each topic has links to external resources that you can print for your personal use.

E-learning Library

Naptime Academy® courses are designed with brief, focused, evidence based content that can be used in situations you encounter every day. Courses are being added monthly. Eventually the course library will include over 300 topics.

Adult Learning Principles

Naptime Academy® integrates adult learning principles into each course.

  • • Staff can choose from a variety of topics to meet their real-life concerns and interests.
  • • Interactive tools engage teachers’ attention, encourage them to reflect on their own experiences and apply information to their situation.
  • • Use of text, audio, video, and interactive activities allows viewers to process information through multiple senses thus increasing knowledge retention.
  • • Each topic presents resources and strategies workers can use immediately.
  • • Animations provider a visual example of handling situations in a practical, real way.

E-Learning Best Practices

Naptime Academy® instructional methods include techniques shown to help adult learners process new information in ways that lead to real learning through the use of examples, practice exercises, and simulations.  Text, graphics, audio with conversational tone, pause, and replay options present the content in an engaging and user-friendly format.  The multi-media content uses ‘plain language’, graphics, animation and audio presentation to accommodate different learning styles and provides visuals of appropriate teacher behaviors in the classroom and with families.

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