6 Key Development Toys Perfect for Playtime

Inspire toddlers and babies to be the writers, directors, and stage actors for their own show with toys that encourage development and growth. Walk into any toy store and you will be overwhelmed by choices. The sights, sounds, and textures

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discipline in early childhood

Saying No: The Science Behind Discipline in Early Childhood

When your kids act out or put themselves in danger, resist the urge to say “no” and try some research-backed discipline tactics instead. Both parents and early childhood educators have one important mission in common: teaching good behavior in their

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Preventing and treating daycare illnesses

4 Tips for Preventing and Treating Common Daycare Illnesses

A class filled with smiling faces can quickly become a room filled with sad, sniffly noses unless you know how to protect kids from daycare illnesses. Sharing is great, but not when it comes to germs. The toys that are

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how to stop thumb-sucking in toddlers, why do kids suck their thumbs

How to Convince a Toddler Their Thumb Isn’t Yummy

Thumb-sucking may seem cute and innocent, but it can create serious problems for toddlers who do not outgrow the habit. If you spend any time around children, you are probably used to seeing tiny fingers in tiny mouths. Little ones

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running a home daycare, daycare training courses

Daycare 101: 5 Things You Can Get Done During Naptime

Running a home daycare requires you to make the most of every free minute, and naptime offers a great opportunity to boost your productivity. As a home daycare worker, you may feel like there simply is not enough time in the day.

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dealing with picky eaters, preschool dietary guidelines

When Sweet Turns Sour: How to Handle Picky Eaters

Mealtime is never easy for picky eaters, but as an early childhood educator, you can help your students form healthier eating habits in school and at home. Picky eaters are very common in preschool, and many of these kids will

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preschool separation anxiety tips for teachers

What It Really Means When Children Start Crying at Preschool

A child crying at preschool is common, but that does not mean it is unavoidable. There is always a cause, and as an early childhood educator, there are tips you can use to help stop the tears. Every preschool teacher

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Encourage parents to be more involved in your preschool classroom.

Encouraging Parent Advocacy Can Positively Impact Your Classroom

Preschool students benefit greatly when you promote parent involvement in your classroom. Early childhood educators who work together with parents can help their classes reach new heights. As an early childhood educator, you understand the value of parent involvement in preschool when

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Follow these simple tips for online child development courses.

5 Tips for Taking Online Child Development Courses

Follow these simple tips for online child development courses to become a more effective early childhood educator. Online child development courses allow you to begin or advance your rewarding career in early childhood education. Health education, child behavior, and parent

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how to stop preschoolers from biting.

The Best Way to Stop Bad Biting Behaviors

When children bite other children, everyone from parents and teachers to the other kids involved can be negatively affected. Although biting for preschoolers is not as common as it is for toddlers and infants, preschoolers may still resort to biting if they

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