Who benefits from using Naptime Academy®

Naptime Academy® is designed for staff in early care and education settings, including private child care, family child care homes, Head Start and Early Head Start, and state-funded preschool programs.  Naptime Academy® is also appropriate for any agencies serving children 0-6 years and their families, such as home visitation and parent education programs, shelters, or pediatricians’ offices.  Each course contains information for working with families on a specific issue.

Online Courses:

What are Naptime Academy® Courses like?

Our courses are designed to be brief, focused, and specific to your needs.  Content is research-based and developed by experts in the field of early childhood education.  All courses contain resources available to download and are presented with visual and auditory cues to improve your learning.  Animated videos model behaviors and Interactive questions are included so you can test your knowledge as you go along.  Each course has a pretest and a posttest.  You must pass the posttest with at least 75% and complete the course evaluation to receive a certificate of completion.

How long do I have to complete a course?

With your annual subscription, you will have a full year from your purchase date to complete as many courses as you want.  You may re-enter a course at any time to access printable resources and links.

Once I start a course, do I need to finish before I log out?

We all face life’s little interruptions.  That’s ok.  Naptime Academy® will allow you to log in next time and start the course right where you left off or tab back to the beginning to refresh your memory.

Can I watch a course more than one time?

The best part of having a subscription to Naptime Academy® is the ability to watch as many courses as you want as many times as you need.  Just remember, you can only count the clock hours once.  Once you complete your certificate, another will not be issued to you for that course for one year.

Why are all the courses one hour or less?

I am so glad you asked!  Naptime Academy® meets best practices of online adult learning and fits into your busy life.  Our topics are brief, specific, and focused on real life issues in the child care setting.  We want you to be able to remember what you learn and use it every day.  In addition, instead of taking a whole Saturday away from your weekend, you can watch an entire course during the time it takes for your students to nap!

Does Naptime Academy® health information qualify as medical advice?

The health information contained in Naptime Academy® courses is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  It is provided for educational purposes only.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.

Course Credit and Certificates:

Are continuing education units (CEUs) offered? 

Because our online training is designed to quickly answer common questions child care workers ask, the 30-45 minute courses are not appropriate for CEUs.  The printable certificate provides documentation for CLOCK HOURS of credit in core competency areas.

Do your child care courses count toward licensing requirements for my state?

Naptime Academy® content is designed to meet the highest licensing standards for early childhood.  All content is research-based and aligns with best practices for adult online education.  Each state has specific standards for online professional development contact hours.

As we grow, please contact your state’s office or check the Naptime Academy® State Approvals page for more information about accreditation in your state.

You can contact your local child care licensing agency, entity or representative to get approval for use of our courses.

The best way to find your local child care licensing agency, entity or representative is to search for child care licensing [your state name here] in your web browser.

Once approved, you can contact support@naptimeacademy.com so that we may add your state to our approved list.

Naptime Academy® staff is working toward approval in all 50 states, so check back often to see if your state has been added.

How do I get my certificate when I complete a course?

  • 1) Hold your mouse over Account, then click on My Account.
  • 2) Click on Completed Courses in your Dashboard
  • 3) Find the course you want the certificate for and click on the Ribbon to the right of the webinar name.

What are the system requirements?

You will need high-speed internet connection and an updated browser platform such as google chrome or mozilla firefox; internet explorer is not a recommended browser.  Naptime Academy® will work on computer and mobile devices such as I-Phones, Kindle Fire, Notebooks, and I-Pads.

I live in Arkansas. Will I get PDR credit?

If you have entered your PDR # in the PDR# field in your Naptime Academy® profile, PDR Credit will be provided for each completed Naptime Academy® course. It can take up to 14 days before credit appears in the PDR Registry.  If you have forgotten your PDR ID utilize the contact information on the PDR website.

Technical Difficulties:

What if I’ve forgotten my password and need it reset?

Click on Forgot My password on the Login Page.  Then you will be asked to answer your security question.  This will allow you to reset your password.  If you have problem, contact us at support@naptimeacademy.com.

How do I get help?

If your question is not answered in the FAQs, please email us at support@naptimeacademy.com or use the Contact Us form here.

What if I have trouble entering my payment?

You will receive an email after each valid or invalid payment attempt.  If you have two unsuccessful attempts to process your payment, please contact us and we will troubleshoot the issue with you.


Is my personal information secure?

We take your privacy very seriously.  We will not sell or share your personal information to any group or person outside of Naptime Academy®.

In the case of state audits of your license, we must have your written permission before releasing a record of your clock hours to your state.

Is my financial information secure?

Naptime Academy® uses a third party secure payment service call CyberSource to verify and secure all financial data.  This protects your financial information from theft.