FREE Video Course Preview: The Impact of Alcohol on Children

Did you know… studies show that alcohol and tobacco can cause more harm to a developing baby than illegal drugs like cocaine?

Did you know…as little as half an ounce of alcohol consumed per day has a negative effect on a fetus because it goes directly to their developing organs and tissues? No amount of alcohol use during pregnancy is safe!

Did you know…because a fetus’s liver is not as developed as its mother’s, high concentrations of alcohol stay in the developing baby longer than the mother?

You will learn these facts and more about the effects of alcohol on children in this FREE video course preview.

The Impact of Alcohol on Children has been one of the most popular and well-received courses on our platform for years. By explaining the effects of alcohol on children during pregnancy, we offer early childhood educators like you some strategies on helping parents and their children affected by alcohol-related problems. The full course also explains how to identity alcohol-related problems in children, such as fetal alcohol syndrome, so that you can better understand their needs and help them learn and grow!

Complete with pre- and post-tests to help you digest the topic along the way, our courses are meant to teach you easy-to-apply tactics in an hour or less!

To preview this course for free, please feel out the form on this page and you will be directed straight to the course preview video. If you want to watch the full course explaining the effects of alcohol on children, you can register now. The full half-hour course is only $6.

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